Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Feed my purse with rhymes...

But do not so in haste, for such slight toys,
Though they beguile so many men hapless,
Do not the glist'ring court bring any joys.
There only rare invention breeds success.
So haste makes waste, and therefore now I say,
Carefully imitate me, thus I pray.


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  2. In court the princes drink the finest wine
    And feast on tender victuals always rich
    On tables overlaid in golden shine
    With statues standing proud inside their niche.

    My life doth barely grant such lavish treats
    Yet flaunted are such teasing scenes of wealth
    So hungry for the “courtly grace” and feats,
    I lash into a desperate lust of stealth.

    Despite my jealous hungry appetite
    I’ve learned before the danger of such greed
    For tempting bait those tempted fail to fight
    Will prove that “haste makes waste,” the dangerous seed.

    So Neville says to act in careless rush,
    But from my lesson disregard his bluff.